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Getting married is such an exciting time. A time of romance, fun, family and friends. Over the past decade, we’ve seen some great tips from other brides. We also have figured out some ways to make your day special. You can contact us with questions or for a consultation.

Girls just wanna have fun (grooms too):

The #1 tip we have found over the years is your wedding day is a time to have fun. If the bride’s not happy, no one is happy. So as your plan your wedding, you want family, friends, vendors around you that share your passion for your wedding. If you meet with a vendor and they are not excited about your wedding, don’t hire them. That lack of passion may show up at your wedding in your pictures, cake, etc.

Plan Plan Plan:

Who ever you hire for any part of your wedding, make sure they know the plan. We always suggest our clients meet with us weeks before their wedding. We also are communicating the plan with our clients before their special day. A professional should sit down and listen to your plan, help you with your plan and give you suggestions that will help your wedding day, time, location suggestions.

Give someone your power of wedding (and your phone)

On your wedding day there are many decisions you’ll be asked to make. In addition to the plan, make sure you appoint someone to take care of any scheduling, less important decisions. For example, someone may need directions; you don’t want to take time from your pictures or getting dressed to simply give someone directions, let your friend or best man or bride’s maid do that.

Time Time Time:

There’s a time for everything under heaven, a time to get married and a time for those post pictures, a time to get ready, and a time for toasts. When planning your wedding, if you think you need 2 hours, make it 3. There’s a big difference between you getting dressed and getting 6 to 16 people in your wedding party ready. You want to relax, so plan plenty of time.

Lights Camera Action:

Lighting; it’s as important as the action. You’ve spent months planning your decorations, your dress is absolutely gorgeous, and your guests have come from so far. By all means you want them to enjoy your wedding. That’s why lighting is so important. If your wedding is outside, where is the sun during your ceremony? Where is it during your post pictures? At your reception, is there lighting for the dance floor? These are important questions to answer while planning your wedding.

For over a decade, we have enjoyed being a part of so many weddings. When it comes to your wedding, we are available for questions. Just ask questions. We are there for you.


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