A Wedding at the Historic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.

What a beautiful day for Avni and Ruben’s Jefferson Hotel Wedding in Richmond, Virginia.  The weather was perfect.  The location, well, stunning. When we arrived, we were greeted by the -Amazing- Ashton with the Jefferson Hotel.   We began to unload and set up for what was going to be a beautiful ceremony and fun wedding.

All the details were addressed, from the flowers for Avni’s walk to the decorative Mandap for the ceremony. It was a grand venue for a grand wedding.

Wedding Jefferson HotelThe above shot tells a story of two lives, faith and marriage.  A little poetic inspiration and interpretation for Avni and Ruben’s special day.

Wedding Jefferson HotelAvni, stunning in her wedding clothes.  The colors are so vibrant.

Wedding Jefferson HotelAnd Ruben looks sharp in his tux. You can’t go wrong with a black and white tux.

Wedding Jefferson HotelThe Ballroom with the installment of the Mandap was all set for the wedding of Avni and Ruben. The Jefferson Hotel made a perfect setting for this wedding day.

Wedding Jefferson HotelI will caption the above photo as, “Chairman of the board fires employees.”  But you can leave your own caption in the comments below!

Wedding Jefferson Hotel

Now that’s one good looking entourage. What a great group to photograph.  Everyone was super happy for Ruben and Avni. When everyone smiles, it makes photographing so much easier.

Wedding Jefferson HotelSpeaking of ‘Super’.  What’s a wedding without Super Heroes! Nice choice Ruben, Spiderman rules!

Wedding Jefferson Hotel

What a beautiful group of ladies. Great smiles.

Wedding Jefferson HotelI love the reactions of the gator shot. There’s a lot of ‘concern’ for Ruben, but then there’s one groomsman who is giving the ‘thumbs up.’  :}

Wedding Jefferson HotelI just love the family and friends represented in the above photograph.  These family and friends came full circle on Avni and Ruben’s special day.

Wedding Jefferson HotelWell, there is a fountain behind him.

Wedding Jefferson Hotel

Wedding Jefferson Hotel


Wedding Jefferson Hotel

Caption: “Check out my ring, yo.”

Wedding Jefferson Hotel

What joy in the above picture.

Wedding Jefferson HotelAnd there they are, our lovely beautiful couple.  The Jefferson Hotel was a perfect place for their wedding.

Jefferson Hotel Abbey Road

Well, I think they look better than the Beatles.

Wedding Jefferson HotelA Cappella Performers: Main St. Station via The Jefferson Hotel


[dzs_videogallery id=”Main Street Station” db=”main”]

Vendors included in this blog post are:

The venue The Jefferson Hotel (Thank you Ashton, you rock!)

Dinner Music & Lighting: DJ Geeta

A Cappella Performers: Main St. Station

Florist/Indian Decor: Dolly Ahluwalia of Gulmohar Weddings

Photography & Cinematography by Drop to Design Studio

For Avni and Ruben’s engagement picture post, click here.


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