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The Consultation

We advise our couples to think about what is important to them.  Some couples feel the ceremony is only important, or maybe the reception and ceremony together.  We work with our client’s wishes.

To find out what our clients want we just ask them one question; “What story do you want us to tell from your wedding?”

How we do what we do.

Our consultation doesn’t end with an initial meeting. Throughout the wedding planning, we meet with our clients to discuss their wedding day dreams and must-haves and are available to our clients when they need us.

We assist our clients with their wedding day planning and must-haves for wedding videography by providing a planning sheet along with our wedding tips is all part of our customer service. Read our reviews for more information.

We show up at least an hour early to touch base with our couples,  chat with the wedding planner, officiate, and, test audio, set camera placements. We are unobtrusive as possible while serving our couples with passion and professionalism and work very well with your other vendors. Depending on the specific wedding need, we use tripods, wireless and remote microphones on the officiate and groom and any special music you have.

Why Video?

There are so many special moments on your wedding day!  Are you giving gifts to each other before the wedding? The tears of joy from your family will come throughout the day.  Your wedding day is full of funny and precious moments.  Everyone sees the family pictures in an album, but video tells the story.  You can see pictures of your friends, but with video they can give you well wishes. The music,  pageantry and the tears of joy during your first dance are more reasons to choose video for your wedding.   What about the memorable toasts from people who know you best, and of course all those dance moves from you and your friends and family.  These are all special moments we preserve for you through video.

Pictures tell one story, video lets you hear and see the special moments.  Below is a comparison of photo and video.


For example; Here is an image from a wedding at Amber Grove, the video with audio is below it.
Wedding at Amber Grove

And here is what the tears, emotion, and love really sounded like. That’s the power of video.

See Kristina and Hank’s whole highlight by clicking here.

Our Day of Package

As a team, we are in more places at once.  So you will be able to see many special moments that you never knew about.

What is ‘Cinematography?’ Our Style

Wedding cinematography is wedding videography with a greater deal of editing and style.  Videography, for example, is capturing video with very little editing.  Cinematography includes adding background music, editing in a way that tells a story, and graphics that give the video flavor.

–In essence, Cinematography is a stylized type of Videography.—

Our style of editing is a combination of both. We deliver your wedding with live footage as well as a highlight. The videos on this page are highlights from real weddings.  Click here to see examples of the blog posts we provide to each couple.

How to Pick a Videographer for your wedding

Important questions to ask are: What are you going to get in the end?  Do you just get a highlight? Or do you get your ceremony, your first dances, cake, exit and other special moments included in the video?  If you have multiple locations for your wedding day, is there enough staff to cover it all?

When picking a videographer/cinematographer for your wedding, it’s really important to know they have quality equipment.  Will they capture the vows during the wedding?  And do they have back up equipment?  Your wedding is a live one-time event, it’s important to find the right video studio for your wedding. And just like wedding photography, communicating your wishes is super important and will give you a better video.

One Final Word on Video

The impact of sound and emotion is a reason to choose video in conjunction with photos for your wedding.

It’s also one of the benefits of choosing our combination packages.

It’s estimated wedding couples only remember 15% of their wedding day in total. The wedding day flies by. But with our wedding services, especially our ‘Day of‘ package, you get to relive them forever.

Below are more highlights from our Studio.

More Samples

We provide our couples with their own personalized blog post which includes a wedding highlight. You can see examples by clicking here.

So how do you choose a wedding videographer?  See our wedding tip page on “Choosing a Wedding Videographer: What to ask and why”

Licensed and Insured

We are a professional, licensed and insured wedding videography or cinematography studio.  Some venues require vendors to be insured. __________________________________________________________________________________________

-We encourage every bride to meet and get to know their vendors.  It’s important to get a feel for them. so we offer a free consultation at our comfy studio—

Our wedding photography packages start at 1575 and our cinematography packages start at 1175. We also have combination packages for both wedding photography and wedding videography. So what story do you want us to tell?  Contact us today at 804-269-4949 and tell us.




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