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Our Reviews

Our clients are number One.  Here are some reviews we’ve had over the years.  We can’t overemphasize the importance of our clients and our part in telling their story.


Our Reviews


We hired Steve to do our wedding videography and he did a great job. He was very thorough and took the time come to our rehearsal when he didn’t have to and work with our other vendors to make sure everything would go smoothly. We got our wedding highlight video back in less than two weeks and it was amazing! A lot of brides think videography is something that may not necessary need but I don’t regret hiring him for a minute! I am so happy we did and will have the videos to cherish that day forever. Definitely recommend!

Hi my name is Victoria Hankins and I used drop to design for my wedding because I won a free bridal shoot with them at a bridal show. When we did our consultants for that we were so impressed we decided to use them for the whole wedding. I don’t think I can put in to words how amazing they were. On top of being amazing photographers, Steven, Susan and thier little boy are amazing people. I don’t know what I would’ve done is Susan wasn’t with me while the girls were getting ready. My MoH was getting upset because I wanted the wedding outside like we planned cause it was drizzling out side and it looked like it would go away pretty quick in the radar but she wasn’t having it she fought everyone even my sister in law to be chewed her out and still that didn’t shut her up. But all my vendors and especially Susan and Steven were pushing for what me and Zach wanted and that meant the world to me. They even got this wonderful shot that I will treasure forever of the clouds opening up to blue sky right before the ceremony. I’m so glad they Steven got that photo. Susan was with me and I was just starring of into the distance when she smiled and pointed for me to look out the window as the sky was opening up. They were super flexible things got switched up alot my dad didnt come, my step dad did, but had to leave early cause 4 of his friends were in a serious crash so he needed to get back. They just rolled with it and made sure I got pictures with him and pictures of my dance with him. With all the bumps in the road they still did more than we could’ve ever hoped for. They were even there until we went to bed to make sure we got shots of everything that we wanted. This was very good because me and my husband forgot to get one of our new rings on our hands during the photos due to the crazyness. They are amazing and I will recommend them to everyone I can . I mention all the stuff that happened just to show how amazing they are. I hope to use them again when I have kids.


If you wish to work with professionals who listen to what you want and make it happen, choose Drop to Design. They were everywhere and took amazing photos of every moment of our wedding. You will be amazed at the photographic quality and the way they expertly capture special moments.

Steven and Susan were amazing! We did our engagement photos and wedding photos with them! They worked with our crazy schedules and made it easy and fun! When I had to cancel my bridal portraits because I had emergency surgery 1 month before the wedding…they came to the venue early to get my pictures that day! After the obligatory posed pictures, we didn’t even know they were there! They made our wedding day so easy by coordinating with the DJ and the venue. Steven made sure to keep in touch throughout the planning process and helped us with our timeline for the big day! They made sure everything was planned and helped us remember things that we would have forgotten or never thought of! The final product is amazing and we love sharing it with everyone! Every photo was editted and looked wonderful! Thanks guys and great work!!!

My wedding was almost six months ago, but the memories that Steven and Susan were able to capture will last a lifetime. You can mark a great photographer if the photos they take can stir up emotions and bring you instantly back to your special moment. Drop to Design does just that, looking back on our photos, I am able to laugh and shed tears of joy for that perfect day. Despite difficult circumstances regarding the weather and having to move into a really tight indoor space, Drop to Design captured our wedding beautifully. We just moved into our new home and I cannot wait to order and display the memories they captured. My two favorite things that Steven and Susan did are my bridal portraits and our videography. Bridal portraits are included in most of their packages and Steven and Susan took so much care, attention, and time to make sure that they were perfect. I am so glad that I took advantage of getting the Bridal portraits done because I wouldn’t have had time to have these great photos done on our actual wedding day. As for videography, my husband and I were on the fence about whether to spend the extra money. We now agree that it was the best decision that we every made. Steven convinced us by saying the photos are for now and the video is for later. While this is true, I believe the video is for always. Your wedding day goes by so fast and things are such a blur. The video captures all of the precious moments and even things that we hadn’t seen that day or didn’t remember happening. We have watched, laughed, and cried through our video so many times already, and I am sure that we will continue to watch it with the same amount of joy forever. Thank you Steven and Susan for the wonderful job that you did capturing this most important day.

Steven and Susan are truly one of a kind. They were not only professional, wonderful to work with, took time to listen to what we wanted and made it happen (even if that meant Steven taking a group wedding photo atop a 15 foot ladder!) but they were also wonderful people with a passion and talent for making anyone feel beautiful. I only wished we had gotten them to do cinematography at our wedding as well.
They respond quickly, are very flexible with their schedule and were early to every session we had with them.
You will NOT be disappointed!

Drop to Design Studios did an excellent job with our wedding! From our initial meeting up until the wedding day, they were easy and enjoyable to work with. Their services did not interfere with the ceremony or reception, yet they seemed to have captured almost every detail on our video! They quality of our video is wonderful. I highly recommend Drop to Design!

The best pictures I’ve ever seen. You guys are so good at what you do.

We were very pleased with Drop to Design Studios. From the day we had our consultation to the day we reviewed our album, there was nothing but satisfaction received. I would recommend them to everyone I know. My pictures were fabulous and I am speechless about my cinematography. They didn’t miss ANYTHING!!!!!! Steve and Susan and their crew were awesome…not even the rain on my wedding day stood a chance.

Hey Steven and Susan,
Mosey and I were up in Connecticut last weekend and picked up our copy of
the wedding video from Meghan. This morning we had the opportunity to
finish looking at all of it and I had to drop you a note to tell you how
pleased we were with the final product. So many memories came flooding back
and it was great fun reliving that wonderful day. We especially enjoyed the
“Memories” compilation at the end…the editing was superb and it certainly
delivered on the “memories”.
Thanks for a wonderful record of Meg and Nick’s great day…we will cherish
the memories even more so given this outstanding video.
Mark and Mosey Leckie

So I’m in love with everything!!! Everything is just fabulous! Especially
the highlight video section!!! Thank you all so much for making this such a
memorable experience in our lives!!! You guys are super talented and
wonderful and I could not have asked for better service and quality! You hit
the nail on the head!!!

We loved D2D! They were so discreet during the wedding that we didn’t even notice that they were filming! They do such a great job working with the other vendors and the end product is fantastic! Check them out for your wedding videography needs!

Drop to Design did a great job. Steven and Susan are prompt, responsive to questions and ideas and dedicated to making the video a true representation of the bride and groom on their wedding day. We loved the interviews with family members and the first-dance, first-kiss moments. The summary at the end provides a tapestry of the day–set to music that’s meaningful to the bride and groom– that makes their work a piece of family history. It was so much fun to watch the video and relive the day. We considered this one of our best wedding investments.

Steven and his wife were fabulous! We decided to do a video last minute and it was the best decision. They were so on top of everything, met me for a walkthrough of the location, always responded quickly to my questions, and the final product was excellent. We had a very traditional Jewish wedding and they were able to capture every moment perfectly. We are so incredibly happy to have our special day on tape so we can always remember it.

We had so much fun with these guys! Originally I was looking for the absolute cheapest out there but after comparing Drop to Design with some others, the difference was just amazing. They are so SO much better than the others I looked at. For us the three most important things were the marriage, the photos and the video. Because when it’s all said and done that’s all you have left. You’ll have each other and your memories of that day. Drop to Design and Steven did a perfect job of helping us preserve those memories. On top of that Steven is a super fun guy. He’s funny and friendly and encouraging. Just great. We loved the whole experience with them.

I hate to be the first to write a bad review for these guys, but I was ultimately very displeased with the final product I received. I feel like the service was a complete waste of money. I must admit they were very professional, timely, and kind. We were very excited and anxious to see the final product. I cannot express the disappointment when we saw the final project. There did not seem to be any editing and the videographer (Steven) could be seen in different parts of video. For example, there were several minutes of the video dedicated to my nephew running around the parking lot at the reception which was very perplexing that they weren’t inside filming. All the insignificant mistakes throughout the ceremony were included in the final video. We could not hear any of the individual videos by guests because of the poor microphone. We have vowed to never show anyone the video which is very sad. When we expressed our dissatisfaction to Steven he could not understand as he said no one has ever not liked his work. He was willing to look at the video again, but ultimately we could not reasonably tell him every single thing that was wrong because it would take hours on our part. It saddens me every time I think about the video because they were such nice people, and I was so embarrassed by the final project. So bottom line, they are a great professional couple, but look at a complete video before making your decision as we were extremely disappointed. We never heard anything else from them, so I guess they weren’t so concerned with our dissatisfaction.

Drop to Design Studios responded with the following comments:

Hi Terri,
Again we are sorry you were unhappy with the final product. In my last email to you on May 5 2013, I agreed to look at your requested changes, you agreed to send them to me after you and your husband went over the DVD. But I never received any other communication until this review.
Our effort was no less than we provide to all our clients. As in the reviews listed with yours, our reputation for quality service is more than a decade long. We put our clients first and cover their special day with 100% effort, passion, and professionalism. Such as, we stayed longer than our contract because we wanted to cover your grand exit. I knew it would be important so we covered and included it. We also shot your engagement session on a days notice because your photographer could not do it.
As to the specific issues you listed in this review, such as not being able to hear any of the guests, that just simply is not true, there were two interviews that were difficult due to guests soft speech and the music/background noise. Here is the exact footage provided to you,
I wanted you to list the issues, because I can then go through the footage and address them.
As for not editing, there are 509 cuts/edits in your wedding and reception. We cut it, trimmed it, cut it again, reviewed it, compiled the final, and reviewed it a final time. And there were 115 cuts in your highlight reel.
We’ve been waiting 6 months for your list of concerns; instead this was the next communication to us. Again, we are sorry you were unhappy with our services.

We couldn’t have asked for a better team. They asked all the right question before our wedding to get exactly the pictures we wanted, plus they had the creativity and artistry to take amazing shots that we didn’t even know we wanted, and loved! They made us feel completely comfortable and happy the entire day. They were flexible with our unusual, day-long schedule and even went above and beyond our expectations. They were a true pleasure to work with all around: true professionals and a talented team! We fully intend to use them for our family portraits from now on.

Working with Steven and his wife Susan was a wonderful experience. Steven was very responsive, professional, flexible and good-natured. He did a very nice job capturing the memorable moments of our special day and provided us with a beautiful way to remember our wedding.

Steve and Susan were THE most incredible photography/videography team I have ever seen at a wedding. They worked so hard and did such a good job. Everyone attending the wedding commented on how impressive they were. I would recommend them without hesitation to everyone and anyone in Richmond who is in need of a photographer or videographer and to top it all off, they are ultra kind, supportive, creative, talented, and professional. I cannot say enough great things about Drop to Design. We are 100% thrilled with everything that they did before, during and after the ceremony at the reception!!!

These amazing people worked SO hard for us and their work did not go unnoticed! They are great people inside and out and working with them was great! My new husband and I cannot wait to see the pictures and the video because the few we have seen as sneak peeks are incredible!

Steven and Susan were the videographers at our June 23, 2012 wedding, and we were so happy with our experience working with them. I had looked at a lot of videographer’s sites, and spoken with a number of companies before deciding to go with Drop to Design Studios. After seeing examples of their work, reading testimonials, and speaking with Steven, I knew they were the best choice for us. Leading up to the wedding, Steven was a pleasure to work with, making sure that he had all of the details needed to cover our day in the best way possible. He even went so far as to spend a couple of hours at our rehearsal on the day before the wedding, which helped make us so much more comfortable for the big day. He and Susan were an absolute pleasure to work with on the day of the event, and were there to capture all of the best moments without being intrusive in any way. We can not wait to see all of the footage from our big day, as we are sure it is going to be wonderful!

We loved working with Drop To Designs. We will be forever grateful for their hard work, dedication and artistic ability. They captured our special moments in photos that will last a lifetime. We highly recommend them to anyone considering any special occasion but most especially for weddings.

They were a joy to work with and so sweet. They did awesome work.

We were so pleased with our video! Steven and Susan were wonderful to work with & we’d highly recommend them. We’re very glad that we chose the package with three camaras. It was great to see the ceremony from the different angles. The quality of the footage was stunning! GREAT JOB Steven and Susan. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job capturing our special day!

My husband, our families, and I could not be happier with our decision to work with Steve and Susan of Drop to Design for our wedding videography! After finding them on a list of videographers in The Knot, we read the glowing testimonials on their website and gave Steve a call, and he was so friendly and genuine from the beginning that we immediately felt comfortable. He told us about their non-invasive filming approach where they like to hang back and capture the moments as they happen, which is exactly what we were looking for! Steve kept in constant contact with us leading up to our wedding to let us know what he needed and what to expect, and they couldn’t have been nicer or easier to work with on our wedding day. As for the finished product…WOW! We were completely blown away! First of all, their HD quality cameras are amazing. Also, they had sent us a simple questionnaire asking us to list our favorite songs, describe our personal style, etc. to make sure the finished product was in line with our tastes, and they nailed it! From the music playing on the DVD title menus to the highlight reel, the entire product is so personal and perfect. When it arrived, we sat down over the holidays to watch a few highlights, and the whole family ended up glued to the TV for 4.5 hours reliving our entire wedding…we couldn’t turn it off! Of course they captured all of the most memorable moments of the day, but the best part for us was watching all of the fun and hilarious moments we missed throughout the night on the dance floor. And the highlight reel they set to music for us is the most perfect depiction of the night we could have asked for. It was as if we had hand-picked the scenes and it makes me laugh and cry every time I watch it…which has been quite a few times! Working with Drop to Design was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding, and we can’t thank Steve and Susan enough!

Steve and Susan Davis were terrific start to finish. Very professional and unobtrusive during the wedding and reception. They captured the night in every sense and put the DVD’s together so beautifully! We highly recommend Drop to Design if you want a high-quality end product, and at a very reasonable price.

Drop to Design Studios did a great job on the video and photography. It was really beautiful and professionally put together. They were also very reasonable compared to others on the market. They give it a very personal touch and made it very easy for us to coordinate. I highly recommend their services, you will be very pleased with their work. With all the things to do for a wedding this was one of the easiest so don’t waste alot of time looking at others when you could put it toward the 1000 other things to do! We just watched the video on our 1 year anniversary and it brought back very special feelings from our wedding!

We were very impressed with Drop to Design. Their website provided plenty of information regarding services, packages and cost. Having this information upfront allowed more time for discussion concerning personalization and customer service. This duo was great to work with; their professionalism and energy left nothing to be desired. Upon receiving the final product we were even more pleased with how they integrated our wedding theme and colors into the packaging and dvds.

The droptodesign husband and wife team were extremely professional and friendly. If you are looking for video services please check them out. I got married at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and they not only provided video for the wedding, but also the rehearsal which I thought was nice. Also, if you are a bride on a budget, their prices were very reasonable considering the quality of their services.

Excellent team. Easy to reach. Received video in timely manner…

We love, love, LOVE Drop to Design!!! The idea of using a videographer was one we tossed around in the initial planning stages of our wedding. We weren’t sure if we had the funds but the more I heard about others watching their wedding videos the more I was determined to find one. One of the first things that drew us to Drop to Design was the packages and prices available. As soon as I saw their work I knew I HAD to have them for our wedding day. From the moment we met them they made us feel like our wedding day was the only day they were focused on. They just have a way of making you feel special. I love how they have you complete a questionnaire so they are able to better personalize your video. The details they incorporate to make your video unique for you is just amazing. When our son arrived we turned to them for advice on how to compile all of our video footage from his first year. AGAIN they took their time to help us personalize these memories. We continue to keep in touch with them after four and a half years of marriage and recently held a family photo session. They were extremely patient with our two and a half year old and captured wonderful photos for us. Steven even remembered photos from our wedding day and worked to recreate them. I have and will continue to refer people to Drop to Design for their special day.

It has been almost 6 years since Susan and Steve captured our wedding in ways that I never anticipated. They are such wonderful people and a pleasure to work with, in every aspect of their work. Our videos are truly the icing on the cake. We have our pictures but the moments that they put into our video is what tells the full “fairy” tale. Our son, who is now 4, gets very jealous of seeing his daddy marry his mommy. He tells us both all the time that he wants to marry his mommy one day. It speaks volumes that he understands how magical getting married truly is based on seeing how we were on that special day. To have our wedding captured and to share those moments to replay (as many times as we want) that you only have the opportunity to do once is a priceless gift that we are forever grateful for. We remain in contact with this wonderfully creative dynamic duo and had the opportunity to do some other work with them recently. We were amazed that they remembered a special moment from our rehearsal. To us, you are lucky to find a fantastic vendor but to find one that is so caring, thoughtful and exceptional in their work is rare. We think Drop to Design is one in a million, thank you for everything!


These reviews are from our happy couples, their parents and friends. We really love what we do and think it shows in our reviews.  A wedding is very personal and very important part of life’s journey.  We know that going and treat each wedding with great care.   The original reviews above can be found on Wedding Wire.   If you’re overwhelmed by reading so many reviews, check out our blog page to learn how to decipher the wedding review code.

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