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Lucas and Taylor’s: A Beautiful Shirley Plantation Wedding

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VATaylor and Lucas had perfect weather for a perfect wedding. Everyone enjoyed being at Shirley Plantation. The venue offers a lot of variety including places for both the groomsmen and bridesmaid to get ready.

Upon arriving to the venue, Taylor exited her town car smiling from ear to ear.  I don’t think she stopped smiling all day.  And why would she, she was marrying the perfect guy.

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

Weddings are all about meaning. And in this photograph we have a beautiful meaning of what memories are important to remember.

We took a lot of wedding ring shots for Taylor and Lucas but couldn’t get over how fitting and awesome these ring boxes were. These are wedding keepsakes for sure.

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

Taylor, here is your special visitor for your special day.

When I saw these beautiful girls arrive, all I could think of was, ‘ Vogue meet Shirley!’

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

Just let it happen is a great way to approach wedding moments. This is one of our favorite pictures from the day. So many smiles, so much happiness, love, love, love.

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

Just one of our mini-session takes from this beautiful wedding day.

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

Lucas and Taylor’s ‘first touch’ meant a lot of to both bride and groom. A moment to share some butterflies and excitement.

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

That is one long kiss Lucas! We love surprises and certainly Lucas delivered.

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA WeddingWedding from Shirley PlantationShirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

Love and Sunsets

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

“Walk with me my love. Your every steps will touch my heart. Dance with me and enjoy the rhythm of life Sing with me and enjoy the beauty of life. Talk to me and find the art of love. Walk with me my love Hold me tight to comfort in each other. Hug me gently to cherish each other’s love. Laugh with me to forget this world. Cry with me to understand each other’s sorrow. Walk with me my love. Find with me the truth of love. Find with me the peace of our souls. Find with me your heart in me. Find with me my sincere love on you. Walk with me forever my love” Ravi Sathasivam

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

Just another beautiful sunset at Shirley Plantation. One of which we took full advantage of.

Shirley Plantation, Charles City, VA Wedding

We love sunsets. And this is no exception. The sky was so red and full of color.

Shirley Plantation Grand Exit

A grand exit from a grand venue for a grand day.

We loved our time at Shirley Plantation.  We wish Lucas and Taylor all the best as this page turns and their story continues.

Moments from Taylor and Lucas’ beautiful premium album!

Thank you to all the great people who made this day happen!


Wedding Credits:

Venue:  Shirley Plantation in Charles City, VA

Photography: Drop to Design Studios

Hair: Salon B’Su 

Makeup: Allen Stanley
Dress: Bridal Elegance

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse Virginia Center Commons

Video: Keith Reagan Film and Video

DJ: Hyoctane/Blendmasters DJ Service LLC

Flowers: Coleman Brothers

Nails: Classic Nails and Spa Shortpump

Catering: The Confident Rabbit

Tables, Linens, Chairs: Chesterfield Party Rentals

Donuts: Duck Donuts

Cake: Williams Bakery in Mechanicsville,VA

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