We started our studio in 2003. Drop to Design Studios offers both wedding and event photography and wedding and event videography.

We started our business primarily as a cinematography wedding service. After just a few years we started growing and migrating towards a service that provides both photography and cinematography. The wedding industry is changing, and we wanted to move with it.

Benefits of Our Services

  • We stay out of our own way avoiding shots like this.
Blocked wedding kiss

Unfortunately, when you have two different studios, styles can clash. With our service of photography & videography, we avoid situations like this.

  • Our couples find it helpful to have one studio with two services. They find it easier to communicate with one studio about both services. Venues also find it easier to coordinate on the day of your wedding.
  • All our staff are photographers and videographers. No matter what is happening at your wedding, our staff can preserve it using video or photos. That’s seamless coverage. We work together to maximize coverage while avoiding conflict. We guide our couples in how both video and photos will complement each other.
  • Future video and photos can be found in one place.  We have couples come back to us for wedding albums, large prints and even extra video copies.  So having one studio makes that very easy.

How We Combine Both Video and Photos for Our Couples

Here is a wedding highlight incorporating both photos and video: This bride received her video along with photos, and we accented the highlight video with her photos. That’s comprehensive coverage.

Since 2003, we have had the pleasure of working with many great photographers and videographers. There are several that have the passion we have for the work we do. To those studios, we have always been grateful for the great partnerships.

It goes without saying that a business does not build itself, so we are grateful to other photographers and videographers who have been so great to us through out the years. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again at the next happy day.

Every couple receives a wedding sneak peak from us. Here are our links for wedding videography posts and wedding photography pages.


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