Alisa and Adam’s fun engagement session at the Hard Shell and Brown’s Island in Richmond, Virginia.

It’s a beautiful slightly warm day in Richmond, and a perfect day for Alisa and Adam’s engagement session.  We have a fun day planned starting our day at the Hard Shell restaurant where it all began.

Browns Island Engagement Session

This is a great location for Alisa and Adam’s engagement session. Love the Hard Shell!

Browns Island Engagement Session

The staff was nice enough to give us lime for our drinks. This is one of my favorite ‘action’ shots.

Browns Island Engagement Session

Alisa’s smile is contagious. Who can’t smile when she does.

Browns Island Engagement Session

See!? Adam can’t help but smile.

Browns Island Engagement Session

Browns Island is full of little nooks that give different looks. This shot is from across the canal and shows our super cute couple enjoying a special moment.

Out on the new bridge, Alisa and Adam have fun with the river right behind them.

This is another shot from the new bridge. I told Alisa and Adam to run really fast and kiss in the middle before anyone else came across the bridge. I love how this turned out.

Browns Island Engagement Session

Alisa’s ring is so pretty.

Browns Island Engagement Session

All the sudden, Alisa breaks out her dance moves. So I just start clicking away!

Browns Island Engagement Session

As a photographer, I’m not supposed to have favorites. But this is one of mine.

Browns Island Engagement Session

Alisa and Adam enjoy a stroll along the canal at Brown’s Island.

Browns Island Engagement Session Browns Island Engagement Session Browns Island Engagement Session

We’re excited to be part of Alisa and Adam’s story and look forward to their wedding!

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