Kimberly and Chris are Married at the Barns of Kanak in Prince George, Virginia

Barns of Kanak

I am excited to be at the Barns of Kanak in Prince George, Virginia.   This is a beautiful wedding venue. The view is amazing!  The grass is soft enough to sleep on.   As I start setting up, I run into Chris, he is so excited about this special day.  He and I go over the plan for location depending on the rain.  The weather is always unknown and today is no exception.

I grab my camera and start taking footage of this beautiful venue.   As I am walking back to the front, Kimberly and her entourage arrive.  After a quick chat, Kimberly and her girls start with hair and makeup.  I grab the dress and (awesome) boots and continue my shots.  I absolutely love these boots!

Chris and Kimberly wrote letters to each other, and at the end of the reading, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

This is a special ceremony.  Even a bit of rain can’t stop these two special people from tieing the knot. The barn is a perfect backdrop for Kimberly and Chris’ country flavor.


The Rockin’ Reception

Kimberly and Chris’ wedding reception is rocking with a great band, Smoke & Wine. I love bands!  I thought about giving my camera to the drummer so I could sit in on a song. But I resisted the thought.  Smoke & Wine played a wide variety of songs, from funk, rock to country.  I love their lights and smoke.  It is perfect for Kimberly and Chris.

Every detail matches Kimberly and Chris’ flavor.  Right down to the exit.  This is a perfect wedding grand exit. I don’t want to spoil it, but suffice to say, it was awesome!


I wanted to send out special thanks Smoke & Wine for being so great to film. This band rocked!


Thank you!


We wish Kimberly and Chris all the best on the new chapter in their story.  Congratulations you two!




Steven and Susan



Venue: Barns of Kanak
Cinematography: Drop to Design Studios
Catering: BBQ Bliss Catering & More
Florist: M2 Flowers and More
Bakery: Buttermilk Bake Shop
Photographer: Tiffany Lee Photography
Band: Smoke & Wine

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