Ashley and Rannard’s wedding at 5th Baptist Church and the John Marshall Ballrooms.

Ashley and Rannard are getting married today at 5th Baptist Church followed by the reception at the John Marshall Ballrooms!  It is a beautiful day for the latest chapter in their story.  We arrive at the John Marshall ready to preserve this special day.  The plan is in place and it’s time to rock!

Bilngy Blingy Blingy

Bilngy Blingy Blingy; Weddings are all about the details. And these wedding shoes and jewelry go perfectly together. There is wedding bling everywhere. We love the backdrop of the John Marshall Ballroom lobby.

Groomsmen shoes

I’m loving the groomsmen shoes shot. This is a fun photo representing all the love an support Rannard has from his entourage.

Bride's Robe

Every princess deserves a personalized robe. And our lovely bride is no different. Love the gold lettering.

Groomsmen walking in street

Speaking of entourage. Stop the traffic! That’s exactly what we are doing. The drivers were great giving us time to get this special shot.

Bride getting dress on

This is one of the most special moments, when our bride is getting her dress. And what a dress it is. We love special moments for friends and family.

Bride's mom and bride picture smiling

This is her moment and a moment for mom to shine. This is why we do what we do, to capture special moments like this. Everyone is dressed up and ready to head to the church.

Groom shooting pool

But one more game of pool before we head out.

Ring Bearer and groom

I could not resist putting this cute picture in the sneak peak, what a smile he has. He is such a great ring bearer. He makes a fun entrance in the video highlight as well. (see below)

Groomsmen with groom at the John Marshall Ballrooms

That’s one great looking group of guys. My little man is even representing.

Bride and groom wrapped in the veil

Bride and groom wrapped in the veil in front of these stain glassed windows is such a symbol of love and faith between these two.

Bride and goom walking

This is a break for these two after the ceremony and before the reception. It is a moment for them to share. We love the love story part of what we do.

Bride and groom picture

Ashley and Rannard pose for one picture of many in their life together. We love our clients!!!

bride and groom walking

Strolling Strolling Strolling

A special shot with the John Marshall sign in the background

A special shot with the John Marshall sign in the background

Picture of the John Marshall Ballroom

Picture of the John Marshall Ballroom. It is all ready for our lovely bride and groom to make their grand entrance.

Wedding cake

Bride and groom’s cake. Mr. and Mrs. C!

Bride and groom dancing at the John Marshall Ballroom

Ashley and Rannard had a fun dance. Watch the video below to see more!

Bride and Groom sparkler exit

Ashley and Rannard exit the John Marshall to a grand sparkler exit.

Groom kissing bride's hand

A knight in a shinning suit is a perfect match for our princess!

Bride and groom in horse chariot

Ashley and Rannard ride off into the night on their life long journey of love and happiness.


Here is their wedding album design

Here is a sneak peak of Ashley’s Bridal Portrait


What a great day!  From a beautiful couple ride in a chariot, this wedding is one for books as they say.  It was truly what a wedding is supposed to be!

We wish Ashley and Rannard all the best during the next chapter of their story.  We were honored to be part of telling this page in what is undoubtedly be a beautiful love story for time to come.




Steven and Susan

Drop to Design


Vendor Credits

Ceremony Location: 5th Baptist Church

Reception Location: The John Marshall Ballroom

Photography & Cinematography: Drop to Design

Wedding Coordination: Simply Perfect Weddings and More

DJ: The Masters of the Ceremony

Photo Booth: MMG Photobooth 

Lighting: The Lighting Professors

Transportation (Limo): All Seasons Transportations

Horse n Carriage: Hundley Carriages

Ceremony Flowers: Vogue Florist

Reception flowers n decor: Carla Fitzgerald

Cake: Publix Bakery




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