Catie and Daniel’s Engagement Photo Session from Pocahontas Park

For November, partly sunny is wonderful weather at Pocahontas Park.  This is Fall and it feels like early Spring! The leaves on the trees are wonderful colors!  So setting up for Catie and Daniels’ engagement session, I’m excited to have fun with these two beautiful people!

Catie and Daniel on the pier with their two dogs

This is so much fun to have the full family in this photo. Catie and Daniel share a moment with Spanky and Darla. This is a wonderful moment to share.

Picture of Catie, Daniel and their dog Darla

Darla is having so much fun at the photo session. I’m sure she’s excited to the wedding too!

A photo of a couple and their dog

Spanky is full of energy. He’s ready to run all over the park for sure. It is beautiful weather for Sparky.

Picture of a couple kissing

It’s kissing time.

Couple taking picture on stairs.

As we begin the engagement session, it is pretty easy to see this is going to be a lot of fun. Catie and Daniel do well at modeling!

Sunset engagement photography

There is only one perfect time to get the sun for a photo. And there it is. The perfect sun photo for the perfect set of lovebirds.

Engaged couple on the pier

Engagment sessions should be fun. Today is no exception.

Engaged couple swinging at Pocahontas Park

Every time I look at this photo, all I can hear in my head is John Anderson’s song Swingin.’

Engaged couple hugging on the pier

Pocahontas Park is lovely with leaves in a perfect color change. Every moment in a relationship is a page, and today, we are writing a lovely narrative!

Engaged couple smiling at each other.

Home on the ranch? I bet Catie and Daniel could rock some western cowboy hats. May next time.

Engaged couple's wedding ring picture

Blingy Blingy Blingy

Wedding date written on bottle

This is such a cute touch.

Couple walking across the bridge

From swingin to a walk, this is so much fun!

Picture of couple with bride to be drinking the bottleCaption This:

  1.  Daniel is wondering if he can get a sip.’
  2.  “Are you really going to drink all of it Caite?”
  3.  I may have to carry you to the car.
A beautiful couple getting their picture taken at Pocahontas Park

It was a lot of fun at Pocahontas Park today.  The weather was perfect for the perfect couple. It’s happening! We are going to have so much fun in May. These two beautiful people are going to have an epic wedding.

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