Hannah and Ransford’s Wedding from Hampton

It is a wonderful day for Hannah and Ransford’s wedding in Hampton, Virginia. We are super excited setting up for the ceremony at Bethel TempleChurch.

Wedding Details Image

I love this cute wedding detail. It celebrates what this day is all about.

Bride and Bride's Maid Picture

Everyone is so happy for today. This is a cute moment in time with smiles all around! Hannah is so happy for her wedding day.


A picture of the bride's dress

It is one of most momentous times on a wedding day when a bride prepares for her transformation from a bride to be to a bride. This special quiet moment sets the tone for a very special moment.

Picture of bride

This is one of my favorite moments from getting ready. We love how this image represents our bride who is both graceful and beautiful in her wedding dress. Like most wedding moments, this image shows how amazing our bride is.

Picture of a wedding directory

A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united into ONE. This is what this day is all about. Hannah and Ransford becoming one.

Picture of grooms bow tie

Rockin the bow tie, Ransford shows off his style with another wedding flavor detail.

Portrait of bride

Hannah is so beautiful in her wedding dress. This is an image from Bethel Church.

Groom kneeling before his bride

And this is how it should be. A prince showing his love for his queen.

Picture of wedding decorations

Here is an image of Hannah and Ransford’s ceremony details from the Hampton Convention Center.

More wedding details

More wedding details from Hannah and Ransford’s wedding reception.

More wedding detail pictures

More wedding reception details.

Bride and groom dancing

A first dance is a great moment during the wedding. This is even more precious with these amazing decorations.

Bride and groom dancing

Ransford breaks out the toe-tapping dance. I think it gave Hannah a huge smile.

Picture of wedding cake

We are blown away by this amazing wedding cake. A cake suspended in the air!

A picture of the wedding table decorations

A place setting for Ransford and his queen. More beautiful details from this wedding reception.

More wedding detail pictures

Everywhere we turn we see more special wedding details from this reception flavor.

Picture of bride and groom dancing

It is Hannah and Ransford’s night, they are having so much fun dancing on the dance floor. I love the two throne chairs behind them.

Picture of bride and groom dancing

here is a picture of our bride and groom dancing.

Bride and groom smiling

Our lovely wedding couple is sharing a moment with each other on the dance floor. Hannah’s smile is captivating!

Picture of wedding cake

Love, Love Love.

Picture of wedding couple dancing

Ok, ok, breaking out the moves!

Moment during the garter removeal

Ransford rocked it out on the garter toss. Hannah’s smile is so beautiful. This was just one fun moment.

Bride and groom sharing a moment on stairs kissing

This is a moment we stole them away to take this image on the stairs at the Hampton Convention Center.

Picture of wedding rings and hands

May these hands always bring strength, joy, and love to Hannah and Ransford on their journey.

Here is a sample of our album design

These are just a few moments from this amazing wedding.  Every wedding has a special flavor and Hannah and Ransford’s wedding is no different.  This is definitely a special moment in their lives.

What a great day!  From a beautiful church ceremony in Hampton to a fun ceremony at the Hampton Convention Center, this wedding is one for books as they say.  We had a blast being part of this special wedding.

We wish Hannah and Ransford all the best during the next chapter of their story.  We were honored to be part of telling this page in what is undoubtedly be a beautiful love story for time to come.




Steven and Susan

Drop to Design


Vendor Credits:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Hampton Convention Center

Cake: Williams o’ Delicious LLC

Photography & Videography: Drop to Design Studios

Church: Bethel Temple Church

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