You’re Married! Congratulations! Now what?

Congratulations on your wedding!  Your ceremony was a blast and we certainly enjoyed being a part of your special day.


Next Steps

Your wedding day is just a part of what we do.  Now we start reviewing the photos and/or video.


How we do what we do

Our goal is to provide you with the best video and photos from your wedding.  We edit every minute of video and every photo we deliver.

The #1 question we get is: How long will it take? 

We don’t put timelines on our work. We typically are under eight weeks for delivery depending on the time of year.  If we are producing a wedding book or album for your wedding, that could extend the delivery time since you have a lot of input into the pictures included. So once we receive your wedding book, we deliver your entire wedding at one time.

Rest assured we are working hard on your wedding even if we aren’t sending updates. We’ve never failed to deliver to our clients  We typically will email you if we have questions. We do not like to rush what we do.

Following your wedding, we will produce a sneak peek as soon as we can.  You can see samples of sneak peeks here,  For just video sneak peeks, click here.

The sneak peek is a sample of your pictures and/or your video highlight. You will get your sneak peek photos and/or video on your USB drive. We love it when our couples share their sneak peek. So look for the share buttons on your blog page!


Our Photo Work

We edit every photo we deliver for color, content, and artistry.  We include some black and white photos, but mostly we are editing for quality. We typically edit out duplicate photos and photos where people blink or block our shot.  Your final images will be delivered on a USB drive in folders such as; ‘Getting Ready’, ‘Our Ceremony’, ‘Family and Friends’, ‘Our Reception’ and so on.   You will also receive a folder for you to share. While we don’t typically #watermark our wedding photos, we do what we can to protect our work from abuse and theft.  So we hope you’ll share the ‘share’ folder images.  These photos are great for sharing since they are streamlined in size.

If we see something we need to ask about, we will email you.


Our Video Work

We review all the video from your wedding.  We will provide you with an edited wedding video which will include your ceremony, reception parts and other important parts we were there for.  We also provide a wedding highlight which is set to music.

The music choice is something we labor heavily over.  We make choices based on your wedding flavor.   We purchase the rights for the music we use.  What that means is, the highlight we provide can be shared on social media.

“Why don’t you use popular music I hear on the radio?'”

Most major artists don’t provide event video studios like ours the legal rights to use their music.  While we understand other studios in our industry use popular music, they don’t have the legal right to do so and open themselves up to being sued as well as sanctions on social media.


Your Wedding Book

When it’s time for your wedding book, we will email you a link to it.   You may receive two emails, one with your personal login that we’ve created for you, and one with a link to share with your family and friends.  These are two different logins.  So don’t share yours, share the ‘shared’ email.  Everyone you give the ‘shared’ email to will be able to create their own login so they can pick their favorites and print images.

Typically we only need 100 images for your wedding book or album.  We can add additional pages at a design rate of 50 dollars a page. So have fun going through your images and picking your 100 favorites.  The images below demonstrate how to pick your favorites from your private link.

Picture of pictures for wedding book

On your personal page, you’ll find your galleries. Go ahead and bookmark this page so you can find it easier next time.

On each picture, you’ll see a heart. Click on that heart and that saves this picture in your favorites.

This heart on the top right is the favorites you’ve chosen. Our staff can also see them and this is the favorites we will use to create your book. You can also keep these favorites for ordering prints.

To see some of our prior wedding book design, go to our page on wedding book design.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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