Wedding Rehearsals – Practice like it’s for real

“if you do not practice it, it will not happen”

“if you do not practice it, it will not happen”

“if you do not practice it, it will not happen”

Wedding ceremonies are all about pageantry and choreography. It’s important to remember that some may have never been in a wedding.  Maybe some don’t understand what is expected.  So rehearsals can be a lot of fun.  If you don’t have a coordinator, then keep instructions simple. If you have a coordinator, they’ll help a lot in getting folks in line.

Everyone gets nervous at a wedding, so practicing will help ease the nerves of your wedding party.  So practice practice practice, that way they’ll be less hiccups on your ceremony day.

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We’ve been to well over 80 wedding rehearsals. And one thing we’ve learned, if you don’t practice it, it probably won’t happen the way you want it to.

For instance, often times when bridesmaids go down the isle, it is inevitable that one of them will pretty much run down the aisle because of nerves. While it can be cute, it may take the focus off of you.

If you have really young children, one tip is have an older child or adult groomsmen or bridesmaid hold their hand down the aisle. You can also use a wagon, that’s crazy cute during the ceremony

If you have someone in the wedding party not able to make the rehearsal, be sure you take pictures.  Then send them pictures of where to stand.  So my advice is always to treat wedding rehearsals like practice. Go through the whole ceremony at least once, because while you, your fiance and coordinator know the plan, everyone else won’t unless you practice.

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