Using Facebook Events to Coordinate your Wedding.

Facebook EventsWe all use Facebook.  We use it to say hello, talk about our vacations, post pictures of pets.  So why not use it to communicate our wedding?

How often do brides feel their wedding is so overwhelming? In our years of experience we’ve seen brides get upset because their timeline is behind, someone is late to the wedding, a vendor didn’t get the message for this or that. Wedding coordination can be challenging.

So one way to avoid this is to create an Event on Facebook.  We can call it, ‘My Wedding Day.’ Odds are most of your wedding party, vendors, and important figures in your life have Facebook.

Facebook can also be used to promote your vendors.  After all, they are a crucial part of your wedding team.  Be sure to add them to your wedding planning page and share their information to others looking to get married.

For example: You can make one post that lets everyone know when the rehearsal is.  Without fail, there is almost always  someone who gets lost, doesn’t remember where your wedding is.  A simple Event on Facebook can instantly send out a lot of information about your wedding. You can also send out messages such as, ‘when you pick your tux up, try it on.’ You’d be surprised how often we see tuxes not fit, not have shoes, have two right or left shoes. It happens.

A simple Facebook Event will help keep your wedding party and vendors informed. You still need to communicate directly with your vendors on particulars, but your wedding party may not be experienced in weddings, so using Facebook Events to keep them informed will save you a lot of stress. If you’ve never used Facebook Events, here is the link a how-too.

Do you have a tip for keeping people informed at your wedding. What worked for you, feel free to leave a comment below.


Steven Davis

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