Choosing your wedding cake

Our Married Minute chat with Sarah Meyers was super informative.  Sarah shared her passion for wedding cakes and how detailed and important it is to find the right Wedding Cake Artist.

Wedding cakes have come a long way over t

Wedding Cake picture

he years.  And the choice in wedding cake is almost as important as the choice in dress.  Ok, maybe that’s a little exaggeration, but it’s important.

So where do you start with choosing a wedding cake.  Sarah suggests you start with finding the right Cake Artists.  You want an artist that listens to you and can help you find the perfect style that represents you.

Wedding Cake picture

We have over a decade of experience.  And over those years, trends come and go.  A wedding cake however is a mainstay for weddings.   A wedding cake in the style of your wedding shows off your personality.  Is your wedding country, or is it super modern.  Maybe your wedding is somewhere in between.

So you have your wedding cake style.  What about flavor?  There a bazillion flavor types.  So where do you start?  One place to start is what you like.  How many layers are you going to have.  Do you want to have a different flavor for each layers, each section? Good questions.

Wedding Cake picture

Then you have to decide about what people can or may want to eat. Do you know anyone who has food allergies.  These are all important questions to discuss with your Cake Artist.

Wedding Cake picture

What time of day are you getting married?  Is it going to be hot or cold.  What happens if it rains?  Do you have a plan for the typical hiccups during a wedding.  Who is going to take charge of your wedding cake?  Will your cake need to be moved?  Discuss all of these with your cake artist and your wedding coordinator.  The last thing you want is for your cake to start melting in the heat.

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