Children’s Photography in Chesterfield, Virginia

We had such a fun time with these three cuties during this children’s photography session. I was a beautiful warm Spring morning. The photos capture each child’s unique personality. It was really fun watching how they interact with each other. The oldest sibling was demure and needed coaxing to smile.  But when that smile came out, she is just stunning.

Children's PortraitThe middle daughter under her curly crown of hair, has a smile that will light up a room then melt your heart . As for the youngest, well, he is just going to be a heart breaker one day and one cool dude to boot.Children's Portrait Chesterfield, VirginiaChildren's PortraitChildren's PortraitChildren's Portrait

The trio had a lot of fun teasing each other as siblings often do. Eventually kisses turned into tickle bugs. The hats were a big hit with the kids as were holding the pretty flowers. Children's Portrait

The children’s mother and grandmother were instrumental behind the scene blowing bubbles, making faces and cheering. Grandma had fun finding the props for the photos and Mom was able to find such cute outfits in coordinating colors and an outfit change.Children's Portrait

We were able to utilize the family’s beautiful backyard complete with a stone patio and serene, gently sloping, grassy field rimmed with trees. Initially, the kids did not want to walk on the grass still wet with dew and grandma carried each child from one area to the next. Children's Portrait

Eventually the kids became more comfortable and they kicked off their shoes to run around popping bubbles.

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