Baby Photography with Sass
Baby Studio Photograph

Baby photography is so much fun! It was an honor to take baby photographs to capture baby Zoe’s first year of life. The little fashionista showed off multiple looks including a very Katherine Hepburn inspired white and black look complete with a broad-brimmed hat.

The blocks were so fun to stack and throw. Mom and Dad got an unexpected workout helping her sit like a little lady.

Baby Photograph
Family Photograph
Family Photograph
Family Photograph

Her next look showed off a bit of country love for Zoe and for her handsome mom and dad. Her outfit was complete with her first cowboy boots and pink hair bow.

Baby Photograph

The beautiful sunny day matched Zoe’s sunny smile! She had so much fun listening to her mom and dad sing fun songs while Zoe just laughed and laughed.

We suspect the swing was her favorite setting for photos and giggles abounded. She looks to be saying “Look Ma, no hands!”

Baby Photograph

After being so cute, it was time to clean up.   And nothing says cleanup like a bubble bath!

Baby Photograph

The bathtub was so precious and who does not love a nice warm bubble bath. It was such a treat to be in the bath and outside. She was splashing and splashing all over the place. Her blue eyes just pop with excitement as she popped the bubbles.

Baby Photograph

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