Catie and Daniel’s Wedding from Malden Hill Weddings and Events Venue in King William County, Virginia.

Malden Hill Wedding Venue sign

Malden Hill Weddings and Events

Malden Hill Wedding Venue

Today is a beautiful day with beautiful weather as the clouds wrap Malden Hill in preparation for Catie and Daniels big event

Malden Hill Wedding Venue

This is a great way to announce Catie and Daniel’s wedding day.

Malden Hill's ceremony barn

The barn is all set for the ceremony of Catie and Daniel’s wedding ceremony.

Wedding flower picture.

This is our lovely bride’s bouquet.

Rustic picture of the wedding rings from Malden Hill

The rustic flavor of Malden is full of nooks and crannies. We love finding these spots for photos. With these two rings, to lives become one.

Wedding dress hanging on a barn at Malden Hill Wedding Venue

A dress is fully ready for a princess to meet her groom. This is a moment with this gown that will tell a different story a few moments from now.

Bride and her wedding party

The bridesmaids share a moment with Catie. They are ready to celebrate her big moment!

Groom and his groomsmen

Someone just said, ‘Hey, let’s lift Daniel.’ And there you have it. :}

Bride and her portrait.

Her smile is shining brighter than the sunlight is seems.

Bride picture at Malden Hill

Not every setting can produce the same image. This is a classic silhouette image with our beautiful bride.

Bridal portrait at Malden Hill

And all we did was turn around and get this stunning image. I love how Catie’s dress just flows.

Bride portrait at Malden Hill

Catie’s bridal portrait at Malden Hill.

Bride's portrait at Malden Hill

This is a moment where our bride takes in the beauty of Malden Hill.

Bridal portrait at Malden Hill

This is a classic look from Malden Hill.

Horse and bride picture

Malden himself wanted to get his picture taken. I think his pose was spot on.

Bridal portrait at Malden Hill

It is so hard sometimes to limit the number of images on a blog post. This is one of those images I just had to include.

Grooms portrait at Malden Hill

A moment with Daniel.

Couple's wedding portrait from Malden Hill

Those eyes.

Groom dipping his bride image from Malden Hill

This is a portrait with one of the many special touches from Malden Hill.

Wedding couple potrait

Catie and Daniel take a private moment before the reception starts.

Wedding couple portrait from Malden Hill

This is a speechless moment with Catie and Daniel.

Sunset portrait with Catie and Daniel

We share a sunset portrait with Catie and Daniel

Sunset picture from Malden Hill

We appreciate Catie and Daniel entrusting their wedding story to us.  We wish Catie and Daniel all the best in the new chapter of their lives.  We loved being a part of such a special day.




Steven and Susan Davis
Drop to Design Studios


Want to see Catie and Daniel’s engagement session?


Vendor Credits


Venue: Malden Hill

Photography: Drop to Design Studios

Florist: Flowers Make Scents

Cake: Lark Bakery

DJ: Brock Davis

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