Cameras see everything now-a-days, let them see the best You.

You’re so excited for your wedding, you’ve booked everyone, your photographer for your photos, your videographer for your video, your DJ for the music, you have a fiance to marry, your florist for flowers, your coordinator who will make your day run like a clock.  It’s finally done.  Or is it?

Have you prepared for your photos?  You have this snazzy photographer with this amazing equipment and anticipate your photo session? But are you ready?

Because gone are the days of Polaroids and instant cameras you develop at your local drug store.  And gone our the blurry photo days!  Today’s modern digital camera sees everything, and I mean every detail.  A picture of you will show every hair you have.

The is video is a Married Minute sponsored by Drop to Design Studios and Kirsty Wingfield with Richmond Makeup Artist.

Richmond Makeup Artist – Kirsty Wingfield – Drop to Design Studios from Steven Davis on Vimeo.


So how do you prepare for a camera that shows everything.  Here are some tips to help you get ready for your photos.

It’s possible we will be taking close-ups of your fingers, face, and even your feet.

Consider hiring a professional makeup artist.

 Hair, nails and makeup are very important.

Have a spa day!  What better reason for a manicure and pedicure than your photos.   For example; ring shots are close up pictures we take of your hands.  So a pedicure is a great way to prepare.  What about color?  And this is great for guys too.  And make sure the grooms nails look nice just like the bride.

Clean your jewelry

Dry clean your clothes

Engagement photos of hands

Have a spa day with a pedicure and manicure

***Visiting  your make up artist and stylist prior to your picture being taken is a great way to practice with different looks.  Often make-up artists and stylists come with our brides for their bridal sessions.  We have plenty of room in our studio for everyone.

We work with Noelle Eastwood for hair and make up. Her phone number is 804-615-3269.  If you are looking for a professional makeup artist, contact Kirsty Wingfield by
visiting her website.

Picture of makeup

These are just a few ideas on how to prepare for your photos.

Consider a spa day; both manicure and pedicure.  Visit your make up artist and stylist prior to getting your picture taken.   And guys remember, you’re getting your picture taken too!

We have plenty more tips for your wedding throughout this blog.  Contact us today if you have any questions or would like information on our bridal consultations.

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