One set today with Sarah with Dessert First in Chester, Virginia. She’s a professional baker and cake artist.  We filmed a ‘Wedding Tip‘ spot for couples to learn from local professionals how to make those important choices for their wedding.  Sarah talked about wedding cakes and how to make good choices.  Sarah talked about wedding cake flavors and how many to pick the right flavor.  We had a blast learning from Sarah about the passion she has for wedding cakes, her approach to her art of making wedding cakes.  Sarah provides her couples with samples to take home and taste.  She feels this is a good way for the couples to make a decision while chatting with each other about likes and dislikes of the flavors.

Sarah described how she helps guide her couples since there are so many choices when it comes making their wedding cake the represents the style of her couples as well as the venue. Because it’s important to match the cake style with the decor of the venue such as a winery vs. a hotel ballroom.

Check back for more with Sarah and other local wedding professionals.


Dessert First RVA Picture wedding cakes


A wedding cake is such an important part a couple’s wedding choice.  As Sarah mentioned, it represents the style and even the history of a family.  The grooms cake can be a lot of fun.  Check out our wedding cake and decoration gallery for more ideas.

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