We all know about Authentic Jeans. Real Weddings are the same concept

We all know about Authentic Jeans. Real Weddings are the same concept

What you see is what you get, Real Weddings

You’re looking for pictures or video from “Real Weddings.”  That term has been popping up lately because unfortunately, what you see is not always what you get. Is the person you hire, going to be the one at your wedding? It’s important to ask.

It seems there are a million options for photos and video as your fingers search looking for a photographer or cinematographer.  You see some awesome websites with beautiful images and great video.  Eureka!  That’s the one!  You found the vendor for you.  Or did you?

One thing to consider when hiring a vendor, especially a photographer or cinematographer is; is their work theirs.  Don’t get too worried, most of the time it will be.  But if you hire a larger studio to shoot your wedding, there’s a chance they may sub contract your wedding out or have a another shooter you’ve never met work your wedding.  There are major wedding brands that are starting to dabble in wedding video and wedding photography.  Maybe you’re there to buy a dress, then suddenly they start asking you if you want to add on photography, maybe video for your wedding.  Unfortunately, these companies sub contract the photography and video.  You may know nothing about the person who comes to film or photograph your wedding.

There are also large wedding vendor chains doing this.  They contract a photographer or cinematographer that you’ve never met to shoot your wedding and then the larger studio may edit your wedding.  You may be ‘ok’ with that, but it’s something to be aware of.

The alternative is, you hire a vendor such as us who has produced all the portfolio work you see on our website and portfolio  Sure we hire assistants, but our portfolio work is our work.  We are authentic.

So give this some thought when you’re looking for a vendor.  It’s easy to tell if a bakery makes their own cakes, but it may take a little more due diligence with a photographer or cinematographer.   Feel free to share this and other tips on our blog with your friends.

(p.s.  About the graphic at the top.   No one likes fake jeans right?)

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