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Wedding Timeline

How do you tame that wedding timeline?

What is a wedding timeline?   Every wedding is different, no two are the same. Location, time of wedding ceremony, it’s all different from your friend’s wedding and their friend’s wedding.

With your photographer, your cinematographer, your DJ, the caterer, the florist, family and friends arriving from out of town and so on, that wedding day schedule is packed full of moving pieces.

A place to start is to pull out a blank notebook and start writing down all the people who are going to be at your wedding; this includes friends and the vendors you hire.

Then write down when they all will arrive on a timeline and where they need to be throughout the day. Once you have it all written out, look at your timeline with your maid or matron of honor, your close relatives, your photographer, your coordinator for feedback.

You may find you need to move some things around; for instance, you may find out that some of your family are arriving to late to get certain pictures you want. A wedding diagram will help you see that in advance so you can make adjustments. (it also makes a great addition to your wedding keepsake album)

One of the most important tips for keeping your wedding timeline ‘on time’ is to hire professionals that communicate with each other.  For example, are you doing photos before hand?  How will that impact your timeline?  Does your wedding team know your timeline?  Did they get copies?  Make sure you meet with your wedding team to discuss your timeline.

As a wedding studio providing both photography and videography, we stay in touch with our couples to guide them along.  We look for obstacles and help our couples have the best day possible.

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