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Why Unplugged Weddings are best

It’s a great day, your wedding day! You’ve waited for this special moment all your life. As you walk down the aisle to meet your soon to be husband, a friend of a friend of yours stands up in the aisle to take picture with their cell phone, all the attention is suddenly on that friend of a friend and not on you. It happens.

So now and forever, you will see that friend of a friend in your video and pictures. And each time someone watches you come down the aisle on video or sees your pictures, that friend of a friend will be there. They probably didn’t mean to, but they stole your special moment.

On the technical side, cell phone technology can interfere with wireless microphones and other equipment being used by your photographer, cinematographer, church musicians, sound guy, DJ etc. Which means your vows could cut in and out on the video. Also, people often get in the way of photographers, videographers, and other staff.  Some guests even climb over equipment to get a cell phone shot. (We’ve seen it.) The last thing you want is for someone to trip, especially during a ceremony.



Every one has cameras,cell phones, iPads, gizmos of all types. And today we all whip them out to take pictures of stuff we want to remember. So what to do.

Go unplugged; It’s easier than it sounds though. Here are suggestions
A sign at the door,
A note in the program,
Something written in your invitation,
An announcement before hand by the minister or officiant.

We suggest all of the above. The last thing you want is cell phone noises, beeps and pops during your special ceremony.

So here is something you can copy and paste as well as have your officiant say before the ceremony starts. While you don’t want to be rude, it’s your wedding.  The last thing you want is a guest, invited or not, become the focus of your ceremony.

“Thank you for joining us for our special day. Please refrain from using any cellphone, camera, iPads during our ceremony. We have professionals to capture our day.”

Again we suggest all four approaches.  This announcement should be given by your minister.  As you can see from the samples below, we’ve had guests block important shots.  We’ve heard phones and camera sounds during vows and so on.

It’s never rude to want your day to be about your wedding.  You want your guests to enjoy your special moment with you.

Probably one of the main reasons to Unplug is…

You’ve waited all day for this special day.  You’ve been very picky about your choice of photographer.   You know the photographer will show off your wedding in the style you want.  If there are guests, invited and not invited, taking pictures, you can rest assured they will be the ones to announce your special moments on social media.  And they’ll probably blast it on Facebook etc before your ceremony is over.  We’ve found that some brides care, but we’ve also had brides become very upset because people unknown to her were doing Facebook blasts without her permission. I’ve had conversations with brides that even though she asked her guests not to blast ceremony pictures on line, they did it anyway.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to let us know.  Over a decade servicing weddings, we’ve seen our share of brides get upset over this guest behavior.  We hope these tips will help you have a very special day.

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