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FOMO. Fear of Missing Out!

We all know what that means. What about missing out on your wedding? Is that possible?  Well, it is.

You’ve waited all your life for this special day!  The cake has been ordered, you have the tux and dress, the venue is perfect, the weather is going to be awesome.  And the dancing, wow.  The dancing is going to be awesome.  Don’t miss out.  Preserve it with both video and photos.

Your wedding will be over in a flash. Most brides can only remember 15% of their wedding. So what do you do, they say that pictures are worth a 1000 words. Then video is worth 100,000.

Pictures are a great way to remember your wedding, but they aren’t constant, video is essentially one picture connected to another. With video coverage for your wedding, you get the sounds, emotion, the music, the birds chirping in the sky, you get the vows you speak to each other, you get the toasts and see the happy tears from your special day.

Many people believe they won’t watch the video but once, but we’ve found our clients watch it over and over. And when friends come over, especially those who didn’t attend the wedding, you can share your special day with them

I like to put it this way, pictures are for today, video is for tomorrow. When you have kids, they’ll be able to see both your pictures and ‘experience’ the emotion of your special day through video.

FOMO? The best solution is to have both pictures and video. It’s not as expensive as you think.  We have combination packages that provide our clients with comprehensive coverage for their wedding day.  With two staff, we can be in more places at the same time and preserve more special events on your wedding day.  Contact us today for a free consultation at 804-269-4949.

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