Wedding Reviews; Deciphering the code.

There are plenty of wedding review sites on line such as Wedding Wire, the Knot, Mywedding dot com etc.  And reading reviews can be helpful in figuring out if someone is a good vendor or not so good of a vendor.

Wedding wire badge

Have you seen a badge like this online? What does it really mean? How is the badge awarded?

Most of the time review listings can be helpful.    But there are a few key points to focus on when looking at wedding vendor lists such as wedding wire, the knot etc.  It’s important to know that the higher ranked vendors listed typically pay to be there. Some spend thousands of dollars a year just to have a top listing. Does that make them better than other vendors, not really. It just means they spend more on that type of marketing to be a featured vendor.  Maybe you find a vendor you really like.  But do they service your area. Sometimes vendors listed may be located hundreds of miles away.  It’s good to look up a vendors website to verify.

But are the reviews really helpful?

They can be, but sometimes reviews can be misleading, fake, or may not contain the information needed.  The opinions of others are important, but who really are ‘the others?’

There are stories of vendors writing their own reviews, this is a big ‘no no’ in the wedding business.  Also, sometimes vendors get a good or bad review based on a client’s emotion.  Maybe the bride and groom had a rough wedding and they want to blame someone, the first to be blamed is the vendor.


Or maybe the vendor got a good review, and they actually didn’t do that well of a job, but the bride and groom were just giving out positive reviews because they like to be nice.

Either way, you have to take reviews for what they’re worth, just a piece of the puzzle in finding a vendor.  Because you can hire a highly rated vendor but they might not fit your wedding ideas.

Solution:  The solution is to meet your vendors, listen to what they have to say.  If you see a review of particular interest, ask that vendor about the review.  Also experience their work, look at the pictures, video, taste the cake, hear their story. Because their story as a vendor is going to become part of your story.   And that’s very important.

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