Wedding Coordination; It’s more than decorating

Over more than a decade, we have seen all flavors of weddings. What some may call big weddings with hundreds of people all the way to an elopement with just five folks, two of which were us. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it doesn’t matter how big or small your wedding is, there is still coordination involved and it is more involved than many people think. Think about it this way, when you go out on a date, you have two people agreeing on a time, place, figuring out what to wear, etc. At a wedding, even with one with a modest wedding party, those decisions multiplied three, four or five fold.

As a bride or even groom, planning your wedding is one task, directing it and managing it on the day of is something entirely different. So what’s a couple to do? With so many important decisions to be made, planning ahead is important, but also finding the right person to coordinate your wedding is just as key. One of the best coordinators we ever worked with, wasn’t a professional coordinator at all, instead, she was a third-grade teacher. Because managing and coordinating large groups and schedules is pretty much like running a classroom.

The Best Wedding Coordinator

So what do you look for in a coordinator? You want a people person, someone who values your vision and won’t let you get in your own way. Coordination is much more than just decorating. You want someone who can take charge and see your vision through. You want someone who is technically astute to today’s wedding industry. Your coordinator should have a good grasp on flowers, DJ’s, cinematography, lighting, photography and how to make them all work seamlessly.

There will be plenty of good stress at your wedding, we call it wedding bliss. You want a coordinator that won’t add to your stress but will take charge and let you have fun. Your wedding is a celebration, enjoy it.


Steven Davis


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