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Welcome to this exciting page featuring local wedding vendor professionals from Central Virginia.

It’s so important to hire professionals for your wedding.  Professional wedding vendors are licensed in most cases and carry insurance.  These tell tell signs let you know these professionals are invested in what they do which often translates into better service.

We understand that weddings require an investment of time and money.  Think about it this way, you’ve waited all your life for this special day.  Hiring professionals provides peace of mind for our couples.

We dedicated this page to local wedding professionals who give insight into everything from cakes, dj music, photography, videography, wedding flowers and so much more.


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Tips for finding professionals.

Tip #1  Meet them.  It’s super important for you to get a feel for your wedding vendor professionals.  After all they will help tell your wedding story.  If at all possible meet with your vendors before you hire them.  They should present as professionals.  They should have written prices, written agreements, samples or examples of what they offer.

Tip #2  Are they licensed and insured?  Insurance matters.  Many venues are starting to require wedding vendors and professionals to carry insurance.  While insurance may not matter so much for your officiant, it matters a lot for your venue, photographer, cinematographer, and even baker.

Tip #3 Check out the web.  See if you can find other weddings they’ve worked. They may have worked a venue before.  Just call that venue and see how they did.  One of the main reasons to hire professionals is, they work for you. Unlike hiring friends and/or family, wedding vendor professionals have one passion, You.  For example; sometimes it’s hard to keep family or friend drama away from your wedding.   A professional will work to make sure your wedding is successful without drama.




Eric Cunningham with Debonaire Entertainment.

Kristy Wingfield with Richmond Makeup Artist

Sarah Meyers with Dessert First


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