Congratulations on choosing video and photography for your wedding!

There are so many reasons to choose both video and photography for your wedding.  You’ll receive beautiful pictures and video that relays emotion through your vows, speeches, and special messages throughout your wedding day.

So what are some of the benefits to one studio such as our, over one studio for videography and one for photography? Here are a few.

Staying out of each other’s way.

You hire a studio to capture your wedding, it is a production.  When videographers and photographers cover the same event, a lot of coordination is needed. Not only do videographers and photographers cover the same portions of your wedding, we do it in different ways. A photo is a split second of time, video is more continuous longer shots.

So staying out of each other’s shots is a big portion of this.  Our team has been shooting together since 2003, so we do a great job of covering your wedding without us showing up in your video or photos.

Unfortunately, with different studios, that isn’t always the case.

Ease of scheduling is another benefit of one studio.

We know how to make photography and videography work together.  So it’s easier just to coordinate with one studio on both photography and videography.








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